Whatever equestrian hobby suits you, you’ll find something for you or your horse at Starkenburg Company. From trail riding to barrel racing. From jumping to dressage. We all have one thing in common. We’re equestrian enthusiasts and wouldn’t trade it for anything.


Every hour of engineering and development that goes into the equestrian products we make is all for one shared goal: to continue to experience the love, joy, excitement, and therapy that our horse brings us.

- - - -

That’s how we design each product—always premium, always better than anything else we’ve ever used, and always built to stand against the test of time. We want you to love every Starkenburg Company product you purchase just as much as we loved creating and perfecting it. Because for us, it has never been simply about making something, it has always been about adding a little something to the precious memories experienced with your horse.


Founded in 2019, Starkenburg Company is an award-winning company in equestrian accessories, tack, and equipment. Inspiring an active and passionate equestrian lifestyle. So, saddle up and come along for the ride. 

Founded and currently owned by Coltin and Gabrielle Starkenburg.